Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Ongoing Decomposition of the Political System (Homeland Insecurity)

Taibbi on Boehner and the Tea Party:

Congress was an easy job for any man with a nice fairway stroke, a limited moral compass and a keen sense of bureaucratic loyalty; it was half an acting job and half clerical work, taking orders from industry captains and selling the resultant giveaway bills to your voters as principled blows for Adam Smith, the flag and the free-enterprise system. Back when America was still a feared international bully that was flush with borrowed Saudi and Chinese cash and could stand to blow a few hundred extra billion in public funds every year on budget-padding deals — back in the Bush years — John Boehner was the perfect candidate for congressional leadership, a lifetime company man who didn't give a shit about most Americans but could shed tears on national television on behalf of Jamie Dimon's bottom line.

If the clash with the Tea Party happens, as Taibbi predicts, it will get very interesting. But clearly there will be two, three, many Tea Parties that result....

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