Thursday, June 30, 2011

It appears the world has changed

I have been following this story in detail for the past week. I have had to brush up on my nuclear physics. I am in touch with people who are close to this story, and it is getting harder and harder to view this as a complete scam and fraud. Rossi appears to be a bit dodgy, but I think that is a matter of style and personality. There are many skeptics who are complaining about the lack of disclosure of scientific details -- and it is clear that the inventor has no clue about what is going on at the atomic level.

Yet Defkalion seems to have their own boxes to test and are about to submit some to the Greek government for safety approvals. It looks real. If so, as this technology is refined, science fiction applications will become fact. We humans seem to be one lucky species of chimp.

Two short interviews recorded after Defkalion's press conference. from Giacomo Guidi on Vimeo.

He says they already have 5 years of orders....

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