Saturday, September 25, 2010

Both a particle and a wave, across the universe

Just back from a concert of Carnatic music by the great violinist Dr L. Subramaniam (he graduated med school before choosing a career in music)

This was in a small hall at a local Hindu temple -- theater held maybe 300 seats.

Now I usually don't get a huge spiritual charge from south Indian music the way I do from Hindustani, but this guy is the real deal. His technique was flawless --- his ability to bow, finger, and pluck all in lightning speed while improvising opened up a new world for me. Very innovative technique, and yet seamlessly woven into a Carnatic raga. A revelation.

Whenever one encounters an artist who is non-pareil like Dr L, one is lifted to the heavens, high above the muck below.

I wanted to post a Youtube clip, but none of them really does justice to what I heard tonight....

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