Thursday, October 28, 2010


Glenn Greenwald is a great American.

This rage-filled eloquent take-down of John Burns (who used to nauseate me when he was regularly trotted out as an expert-pundit about the situation on the ground in Iraq -- back when I bothered to watch TV) is a must read, and should be circulated widely.

On a broader level, I think that the NYT has lost its bearings. This is not nostalgia. What I mean is that the current historical conjuncture is one of decay of the old order on many levels. And one of them is that the center cannot hold as class divisions intensify political ones. In a pre-civil war era, the traditional role of the NYT in running the country and keeping the educated middle classes sedated is obsolete.

Oh, and did I mention that Glen Greenwald is a great American?

Thinking of Izzy Stone, it's enough to make me believe in reincarnation.

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