Sunday, October 9, 2011

Alan and Yves

From NC:

The efforts to discredit OWS are intriguing and reveal a deep seated sense of vulnerability among the powers that be. Despite the high level of press coverage, relatively few people have yet to participate in these gatherings. But this effort is applying pressure on the deepest fault line in American society, is not going away and continues to gain ground. Even if OWS does not mature into a political force, it is already having an impact, by shifting the nature of discourse and unearthing rotting corpses that the top 1% and their allies in the chattering classes hoped to keep buried: the fact that ordinary citizens have been on the wrong side of the greatest transfer of wealth in history, and virtually all of their supposed protectors stood by or had their hands in the till. No wonder those at the top of the food chain feel so threatened.

Couldn't agree more. The rumblings of a volcano. Up for grabs: the 30% of Americans who according to several recent polls are "sympathetic" to the Tea Party.

Her post has a nice video clip of Grayson on Bill Maher confirms the spreading media presence of the OWS "message"

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