Wednesday, October 19, 2011


1. I've noticed that the chimpster's email has not been getting to me -- the reason for my silence to any messages you've sent. That is fixed, but given the limited email list google allows, it would be better if you could go to the blog directly, or get the RSS feed into your reader. Alternatively, I'm going to set up a conduit to twitter which could be used.

2. Often for some of you, there is no link visible in the email version of the blog post-- that has to do with your email program which doesn't seem to capture the html coding for whatever reason. The solution in this case is always to click on the link in the signature line which will take you to the blog page.

3. I am soon going to move to wordpress in order to integrate with Twitter -- due to the obvious recent developments in political life. I am hoping that will be relatively seamless, though I haven't assessed its email/listserv function.

I heartily recommend investing the time to learn about how twitter works -- it's just another tool in the box.

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